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TSO Wind Orchestra
Taipei Symphony Orchestra established the TSO Wind Orchestra in an attempt to cultivate wind talents and promote the culture of wind instruments in 2002. Apart from annual concerts at the National Concert Hall and Zhongshan Hall, TSO Wind Orchestra also participated in events organized by the city government, as well as community performances and campus concerts. The concert at Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou in 2006 and TSO Wind Orchestra was invited to perform at the Asia Pacific Band Festival in Macau. In July 2010, TSO Wind Orchestra was specially invited to participate in the Asia Pacific Band Festival in Tainan.

As for collaborating with artists, Belgium conductor Jan Van der Roost was invited to lead performances in June 2007. In September of the same year, the group worked together with trombone virtuoso Christian Lindberg in the performance of Mandrake in the Corner and assembled 100 Taiwanese trombonists to perform Seventy-Six Trombones. The performance broke the record of the performance hall and became a popular topic among wind musicians. In 2009, TSO Wind Orchestra performed with Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music wind conducting professor Rodney Winther, and in 2010, Jerry Junkin from Dallas Wind Symphony was invited as a guest conductor. Starting 2011, conductor François Boulanger of Orchestre d'harmonie de la Garde Républicaine was regularly invited as guest conductor of TSO Wind Orchestra.

With goals of excelling wind performance and promoting education, along with the wish to be deeply rooted in the community, TSO Wind Orchestra will continue to invite and collaborate with distinguished conductors, staging performances both domestic and abroad to present music lovers with exquisite and elegant music and to become a wind band that represents the city of Taipei.