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TSO Youth Chamber

The TSO Youth Chamber was introduced to the public in 2012. Members include students and graduates from music departments from Taiwan and overseas, music lovers, and professionals in music education or related fields. Unlike performances of symphony orchestras, which consists of more members, chamber music presents different musical expressions, especially the delicate and perfect harmony between acoustics and parts. Audiences are presented with different sensual experiences through the interpretation of the musicians.

Apart from holding concerts regularly, The TSO Youth Chamber also performs in campuses and other venues for more interaction with the people of Taipei. Small performance teams are organized to promote culture through staging methods that combine music guides with performances, introducing the beauty of string music to communities using intimate musical experiences and the beautiful, magical powers of chamber music.

In the future, The TSO Youth Chamber hopes to become a platform for Taiwanese musicians with hopes of cultivating prominent musicians, upholding the quality of chamber orchestras and music education throughout the city. By collaborating with distinguished musicians from Taiwan and overseas, The TSO Youth Chamber will continue to strive for the excellence and beauty of chamber music.