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TSO Director:HO, Kang-Kuo

Kang-Kuo Ho

Doctor of Musical Arts, The City University of New York (1998)
Executive Master of Public Administration, National Taiwan University (2003)
  Dr. Ho Kang-Kuo started learning music from a young age and joined the music band in Taipei Municipal Xin Xing Junior High School. During this time, Dr. Ho had the chance to learn more about other musical instruments and even held the post of the conductor. Later, Dr. Ho studied under professor Fu Chien-Hua and enrolled the music class of Kuang Jen Catholic High School, majoring in clarinet. In 1984, Dr. Ho won first prize in clarinet at the Taipei City Music Competition, the same year he has granted by Ministry of Education to enroll the music department of Soochow University and studied clarinet under professor Xue Yao-Wu. After college graduation and the military services at the National Defense Orchestra, Dr. Ho traveled to the US in 1990 and received his Master in Music degree from The City University of New York in 1992, and Doctor of Musical Arts at 1998. Throughout his eight years in the States, Dr. Ho participated in various local orchestras and solo performances in locations such as Sam Levenson Recital Hall, LeFrak Concert Hall, and Carnegie Hall. 

  During university studies, Dr. Ho worked as a camp assistant for the 1st National Summer Youth Jinshan Music Camp in 1987, the concertmaster and Student Leader of C. Y. C Youth Band from 1987 to 1988, the concertmaster for Taipei Wind Ensemble from 1986 to 1987, and the principle clarinetist of Taipei Symphony Orchestra Affiliated Youth Orchestra from 1987 to 1988. When Dr. Ho was in the US, he was appointed as the Art Director of New York City Queens Festival, the host and music director for the Chinese Radio Network between 1993 and 1995, and later the CEO of the Station from 1996 to 1998. Dr. Ho was appointed as the Art Director of Friends of China Youth Corps. New York Chapter in 1994 and founded Youth Orchestra-CYCNY and acted as the Music Director. In July 1997, after taking the orchestra to perform at the Taiwan Center in New York, he lead this orchestra to Taiwan for eight performances, another concert tour to San Francisco in July 1998. 

  After completing his academic studies in US, Dr. Ho has returned to Taiwan and dedicated his career to orchestra administration in 1998. He also engaged in research and published monographs on orchestras administration to encourage discussion in the field. With enthusiasm to provide “music service,” Dr. Ho curates ensemble concert with outstanding musicians to perform in concert halls and schools across Taiwan. In addition, Dr. Ho has arranged several charity performances in prisons in Taipei, Taichung, and Hualien. Furthermore, to gain further knowledge in administrative theory, Ho passed the entrance examination in Public Administration at the Department of Political Science of National Taiwan University in first place in 2002 and was awarded his master’s degree in political science in January, 2005, with his dissertation “A Study of Symphony Industry in Taiwan.” 
With experience as a research staff, deputy conductor, and deputy director of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra from 1998-2003, Dr. Ho later worked as the deputy director of National Symphony Orchestra from January 2003 to July 2005, completing the historical task of reorganization and changing the name of the orchestra. After serving as the Deputy Director in Taipei Symphony Orchestra from August 2005 to Jan. 2008, Dr. Ho has worked as a full-time professor at the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts of National Taiwan Normal University since Feb. 2008. Between 2011 and 2017, Dr. Ho served as the director at the Graduate School and the Performing Arts & Mandarin Musical Center. Starting 2009, Dr. Ho has been the project manager of Ministry of Education’s Waiving Academic Dreams Overseas Program –Edinburgh Art Administration Internship for ten years, and the project manager of Ministry of Economic Affair’s “Shining Arts Star” program. Dr. Ho has taken countless assignments, including the examinee of several music competitions, visiting member for university evaluation, member of Public Construction Commission, and the drafter for cultural administration examinations during national exams. Dr. Ho’s research interests include the creative industries, innovative technological performance, and curating and coordinating art festivals. Dr. Ho is also the founder of the platform “Mandarin Musicals,” producing over 200 tour performances in locations including Taiwan, mainland China, UK, and Malaysia. 

  Apart from dozens of journal publications, column articles, and conference papers, Dr. Ho has also published books including the Guide to International Arts Festivls-2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Taipei: National Taiwan Normal University, February 2017), Fringe Festival and Arts Festival: Globalization of Performing Arts Management (Taipei: Hsiao Ya Music, February 2011), Performance Art Groups in Taiwan: Organizational Positioning and Management Strategies (Taipei: Hsiao Ya Music, February 2000), A Study on Symphony Industry in Taiwan (Taipei: Hsiao Ya Publishing, April 2005), and Interpretation, Pedagogy, and Technique in Clarinet Repertoire as Reflected in the Practice of Contemporary New York Clarinetists (UMI Press, June 1998).