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Message from TSO Principal Conductor, Eliahu Inbal

Dear friends, members of TSO, Direction team, and our audience:
I was so happy that our opening concerts with me as Chief Conductor went so well last year. I’m full of gratitude for the magnificent performance of the TSO orchestra, Chorus and Soloists, the help and friendship of the direction team, and above all, the warm and enthusiastic reception by you, our wonderful concert public.
With joy and expectations I was looking for the continuation of Mahler’s cycle. Unfortunately, it came otherwise:
The COVID-19 is spreading madly in Europe; Germany is closing most public events, many schools, and even some borders. Israel refuses visitors from Germany, and every day the situation worsens.
I am sad about this situation, because we could not realize our project on the same high level under these conditions. I’m looking forward with hope that this epidemic will disappear and allow us to continue our great projects.
I send you my warmest greetings and wishes,
Eliahu Inbal.​