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Eliahu Inbal will become the Conductor Laureate of Taipei Symphony Orchestra from 2023.

Maestro Inbal is back! Taipei Symphony Orchestra (TSO) has invited him as the Conductor Laureate starting from 2023. 


Maestro Eliahu Inbal, one of the world’s most well-known conductors for his interpretation of Mahler, Shostakovich and Bruckner’s compositions, was TSO’s Principal Conductor from 2019. During his time as TSO’s Principal Conductor, he led the orchestra to complete tour concerts for Mahler’s full symphony compositions. Although Maestro Inbal had to do these performances under the circumstance of the serious pandemic at the time, he still interpreted these works with the highest energy and motivated people with musical power. Maestro Inbal was also deeply trusted and admired by musicians of TSO, and has developed a deep connection with the orchestra over the past 3 years. With his new position as the Conductor Laureate, Maestro Inbal will lead the orchestra to achieve further in the future. 


Maestro Inbal will bring his unique interpretation and conducting charm to the new TSO 2023 season programme, which will include symphony compositions by Brahms, Shostakovich, Bruckner and Schubert. He will also invite guest musicians such as violinists Alena Baeva, Baiba Skride, and pianists Lilya Zilberstein, Đặng Thái Sơn to share the stage with him. There will be more recording plans with TSO in the future as well. 


Conductor Laurette Inbal and TSO’s programmes for the first half of 2023 will be available for purchase starting in late December. For more detailed information please check Taipei Symphony Orchestra’s official website.