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“As music as life” is an arts education program co-organized annually by the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Department of Education of Taipei City Government. It is also the first large-scale arts education project in Taipei that integrates the existing resources in cultural facilities, performing arts groups and education. The classical music aspect is organized by Taipei Symphony Orchestra, so that each and every fifth-grade student can have an opportunity to enjoy a concert specifically designed for school students in a concert hall. The concert combines storytelling, multimedia and music, and also incorporates concert etiquette, introduction on the instruments and different types of music, so that the students can gain knowledge through personal experience in a fun environment. The program has been well loved by parents and children. Among the concerts, the Mandarin production “Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood” in 2017 was especially popular, and was brought back the following year due to popular demand.
“As Music as Life” Art Education Program